Friday, September 12, 2008

Delia, Eric, Ian, and Danny's group

Today's generation of students has access to an immense variety of technology and entertainment. How do you think the media and society's perspective on education influences the attitudes of young people towards education? Do you believe this huge media presence provides too many distractions for students, particularly in regard to their education?


Dunte said...

Modern media's presence doesn't provide too many distractions for students- they are confronted with as many distractions as were students of generations past. However, the modern media often glamorizes hedonism, impatience and "shortcuts", which seems, largely, the root of today's students' lack of focus.
The media of the past spent its time centering on political turmoils, world events, nationalism and local news. Today, there is significant programming that does the same but it is outnumbered nearly 9:1 in terms of viewing options. And so many of those "nine" provide outlets for the false celebrities and the unduly idolised to profess their success as being result of only being interested in themselves.
If formal education were presented with all the glamour of the "shortcut to success", it would undoubtedly draw a similar cult following.

Dan said...

Dunte pretty much has it, as he says shortcuts and gadgets that can help and even give the answers to any question and or problem. Now the reason why many students could be lazy would be the fact that there is more exciting things for the students to do. Therefor be a distraction as they are thinking about what they could be doing or what they will be doing when they get out. On the other hand there is always going to be distractions but it is up to the student to decide if they want that to interupt their learning.

Mike E. said...

Dunte pretty much summed up what I was thinking. Modern media has influences that could be used for good or bad.