Friday, September 12, 2008

James, Alex, and Michael's Group

According to "Social Class & the Hidden Curriculum of Work" by Jean Anyon, how do the discussed social classes affect the educational opportunities presented to those in lower social classes? What can be done to allow for more opportunities without inhibiting the opportunities of those in higher social classes?


Sam O. said...

I have always wondered what would happen in a school if they embraced there student body as part of the teaching process. It seems like we ignore the most valuable resource in our schools by neglecting to acknowledge what the students can provide to the system. Why are students not allowed to help out in the classes by providing tutoring, grading, and preparation of lessons. This type of schooling seems like a symbiotic relations for all the parties involved. A student assisting the teacher can gain valuable experience by volunteering in a class room or tutoring after class. A teacher can use the extra assistance during the year to help cover all the material. Most of all the students in the class can receive a better education from the process.

Danny said...

I believe that a universal educational system has to be in place for all social classes. If done otherwise, we would have a wide variety of people that have been educated at different levels. Such differences will just cause more unrest and protest by the community.